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About Parto Roshd Novin

The partoroshdenovin company with trade name” Iran grow light” has worked out in the field of grow light by a group of experts.

Apply this LED lights with particular nanometers required for growing plant, causes them to optimal grow both qualitative and quantitative.

All of the products, have been offered completely specialized in two large group domestic and industrial with best qualify and appropriate price and the valid guaranty.


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Best grow light for greenhouse

Led grow lights for commercial greenhouse   for more information about  best light bulb for greenhouse and  led lamps for greenhouses click here. While the initial investment may seem costly, the benefits ...

plant tissue calture

Plant tissue culture lighting In biological research, plant tissue culture refers to a method in which parts of a tissue are introduced into a new, artificial environment, where they continue to function or grow. While parts of a tissu...

greenhouse hydroponic system

Diy hydroponic greenhouse   Hydroponic growing is growing a plant without use soil - usually in an inert substance like rockwool, which holds the roots for easy water and nutrient absorption. Hydroponics systems back several hund...

artificial light for african violelts

            best artificial light for plant growth     for more information about artificial light for plant click here. The secret to African violets is simple – this is a plant that has very specific needs, all of which...
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